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a golden orange sunset view from aboard the sailboat vinaka


We're Bruce and Marla.

We spent a good chunk of our lives working for the Good Life in America--careers, cars, nice house, and on it goes. We worked for all of those things and enjoyed most of them.  All the while holding fast to the dream of Something Else. For us, the Good Life became the ransom for our dreams.  When we finally got together as a couple, we asked ourselves, "What exactly are we waiting for?"  Sharing dreams is a lovely romantic thing, but there comes a time to "stop talking about it and do it!" as an acquaintance famously once said.  


We are done waiting for someday.  We sold everything we owned and moved aboard a forty-four-foot sailboat "Vinaka" to explore and travel as far and as often as we wanted, truly living out our dream.  Vinaka is the Fijian word for "thanks" or "thank you."  Our understanding of the extended phrase and meaning is "I'm blessed by our time together" however brief that may be.  

Join us as we endeavor to see and experience the world in a way few others get to do. We hope you will also be inspired to make today your Someday.

the viking vegvisir symbol
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