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Sailboat Vinaka in the blue water under a clear blue sky on a sunny day

Vinaka is a 1989 Norseman 447, a Robert Perry design, of which there were only 55 built.  We found her as "Ladyhawke" in a great little eastern Chesapeake boating town of Rock Hall, Maryland.  Although her former owners were reluctant to let her go, they were pleased to hand her off to someone they felt would care for her as well as they did.

This 44-foot monohull vessel has circumnavigated the world at least once and has cruised from Canada to the Caribbean and back again over a couple of decades.  We feel good about Vinaka taking care of us as well!

"Vinaka" is a word we learned while spending time in Fiji.  It's commonly used as "Thank you" or simply, "Thanks!"  It also has a fuller meaning of gratitude--roughly, "Thank you for blessing me by our time together."  We're thrilled and incredibly grateful to be the authors of Vinaka's next chapter.

A technical diagram of a Norseman 447 design side view and top view

Year built: 1989

Length: 44 ft

Beam: 13 ft

Draft: 6 ft

Mast: 63 ft

Displacement: 28000 lbs

Ballast: 12000 lbs

Sail rigging: Cutter

Configuration: Center cockpit 

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