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Escaping the Norm: From House Owners to Liveaboard Sailors

Somewhere in the middle of planning our kitchen renovation and planning for Dirigo's upgrades we made a big decision. Well half of one, anyway.

The ease with which we were separated from our Puget Sound adventures was jarring and disappointing. Yes, there are far more devastating things that can happen than not getting to go out and play on a yacht.

S-p-o-i-l-e-d. Got it.

But we did start something exciting and we wanted to pursue it.

A year later, COVID-19 was still a thing. The world we lived in hadn't opened up fully yet. We realized had to get the boat and our home closer together. Who knew how soon this could happen again even if it were to end soon this time?

California marinas were "a bit" outside our affordable range, so we concluded we needed to move to Washington where our boat was located. As we talked about what we wanted that life to look like, the less we wanted to consider buying real estate. We had a perfectly livable boat in a great marina. We decided to live aboard while we worked it out.

A modern grey and white kitchen with stainless steel appliances

Maybe we were delirious from the DIY renovation of our existing home.

Maybe we became more enamored with what Boat Life had to offer.

We ultimately decided to be vagabonds and go sailing. I was already working remotely and had been since before the pandemic. Bruce retired since that fateful boat purchase.

Why not? What's stopping us?

We finished our home renovation, put it on the market, gave away or sold most of our possessions, and drove to Washington to move aboard Dirigo. We could make this work!


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